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First, why the pseudonym. My legal name is unique, so for business, and reasons concerning my children, I
always use my public Craft name or "nightside" name. It protects my employer from any harassment they
might receive in having a Pagan employee, and it protects my children from being ostracized or shunned
by teachers, or parents of their peers and friends.

Why RavenHarte? I chose this name because the raven was the totem animal of my initiatory coven, and
the coven's Patroness, now one of mine, The Morrighan. When my HPhood returned to our mother coven
in NY, I wanted something for myself that would always link me to them, thus in 1995, I became
RavenHarte, first as my screenname, then my published name, and later my public Pagan/nightside name.

My spiritual background?  Though I was baptized and confirmed Episcopalian for my mom (a past Worthy
Matron of Eastern Star), I spent time in Catholic church with my godparents, studied Judaism, Buddhism,
and Bahai, and spent time with both the Jehovah's Witnesses and Born Again Christians.  However, my
father was an agnostic Freemason of the York, then later Scottish Rite who taught me that the Divine was
more energy than any one religion could ever depict, and so guided me to always see the bigger picture in
life. His mother was a Puerto Rican "Bruheria", who belonged to a Hispanic esoteric school in NYC, where I
spent many weekends as a child watching her "read" for people, council and "do work" for people. So
spirituality, witchcraft and ceremonialism has always been a part of my life.

My childhood? I grew up in the Hudson Valley in NY, home to a multitude of paranormal and
extraterrestial phenomenon, so my varied interests in the various forms of spirituality and the occult were
easily satisfied. Also because both sides of my family are Masonically affiliated, I was initiated into the
International Order of Rainbow for Girls at 12 and was the Worthy Advisor of my assembly by 14. I spent
several years following in various Grand Officer positions, but no, I am not Eastern Star, because here in
the South.... well... lets just say the view isn't the same down here.

My current Spiritual Path? I came to Paganism as my preferred spirituality by way of Patricia Kennealy
Morrison. Her words and guidance were instrumental in keeping me on a particular path until my 1994
initiation into the Western Mystery tradition I now teach within. My current coven is a Celtic Arthurian
coven established on Litha 1998 as the 6th hived coven from our now 40+ yr old Irish mother coven in NY.  
I am a 4th degree HPS and Elder of our line, and an initiate in our progenitor's line, The Boreadean Order
of Druid and Feryltt, as well as student of the
Servants of the Light esoteric school.

As a Priest of my line, part of my vow is to serve my spiritual community. I began doing this with
SpiritualaTea/SpiritualaTEAM interfaith explorative groups (now on hiatus) and Go Goddess, a "girls
night in" style Moon Lodge for women, both in 2001. Then as long time student of Jewish Mystical
Kabbalah, I began teaching my annual "
Climbing the Tree" workshop series in Spring 2003, helping others
evolve their own souls using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. During that time I was also an interim minister,
and some time Religious Education lecturer for my local
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and in July
2008, I finally received  my ordination to Reverend, able to legally perform marriages in all 50 states (and
several countries) as well as attend the sick/dying as clergy in medical facilities. I am also an Usui Reiki
Master, as well as a student of Karuna Reiki.

In 2012, I was invited to join
Interfaith Voice, a collective of LGBTQI affirming clergy/congregations of
various faiths in my city, and in 2014 became a board member, and the Communications and Social Media
Officer of that organization until its end. I have since given talks & served on interfaith panel discussions
at Wake Forest University, lectured on Wicca and Witchcraft at the now closed American Hebrew
Academy in Greensboro NC, served as a "book" on Western Mystery Paganism for the Human Library
Project and have partnered with other clergy to provide numerous interfaith services in our area.

As a practioner of the Western Mysteries, it is imperative that as I teach, so must I also continue to learn
and grow. Thus in late 2003, while doing exploration of the Shadow self and alternative workings with
energy, I became involved in other "Nightside" groups and lifestyles, through two vampiric Houses in the
South. Since then, I have been a moderator for several vampiric yahoo groups as well as owner of
UtopiaNocturna nightside board. Through these connections, I also began serving at NC and GA Pagan
Pride Days, lecturing at events such as "Twilight II" & "Spiritual Awakenings", and in 2008 became a
member of the
Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) where I worked as a bridge between the Pagan and
other Nightside communities.

Walking My Talk. Having been the student of several Pagan elders in our country who have strong
opinions about the need for priesthood to work for the larger Pagan community, as well as their own
covens, I served as President (Aug 2000 - Dec 2001) & Organizer (Aug 2006 - Dec 2008) of the local Pagan
networking org,
Path of the Moon Collective , where I helped organize charitable events, as well as monthly
rituals, workshops and bi-annual  Sabbat festivals. I am also a member of Circle Sanctuary's Pagan
veteran's association
Order of the Pentacle helping our Pagan military & vets obtain equal legal rights, was
the Pagan columnist for the spirituality ezine
Pangaea Revisited, and have been one of my area's resident
"media witches", interviewed on occasion for our local news regarding occult topics, and Nov 2009 for the
Bo On The Go podshow (see player below).

"Walking your talk " isn't just about being an outspoken Pagan though. In my "outer" community, I was
the 2007 and 2008 Organizer for my city's V-Day Organization, having been co-organizer in previous years,
as well as cast member and producer of our production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues". I was
also a domestic violence crisis line operator and sexual assault advocate for Family Services during those
years.  Then in 2009, I created Cabaret for the Cure, a Triad area team for the "Passionately Pink for the
Cure" campaign of the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer research; having previously created
"Craft for the Cure" a Pagan focused Passionately Pink team. In 2011, Cabaret for the Cure became an
independent grassroots effort raising funds for
Save the Tatas foundation. Cabaret for the Cure is now
Cabaret Catalyste which raises money and awareness for charities and organizations which are sex
positive, LGBTQI affirming, and female empowering. Because of the success of this group, I launched
Create the Change, a more secular grassroots effort working to effect change through hands on charity
work, social activism, and community events.

The Rest Of My Life? I have been married since 1988 to my high school sweetheart (the boy practically next
door) and we have 3 sons. I have worked for the same company in the medical insurance industry since
1992, and prior to that I was in the USN-USNR for 6 years. My covenors and our kith/kin are my chosen
family, but I am also proud to say that my hubby and I are also still friends with most of the people we
grew up with. My life is BUSY, complicated, and crazy, but it is also rich with love and full of wondrous

Loyalty, honor, truth and trust are my cornerstones.