Over the course of her public magical career, various media have interviewed RavenHarte. Below are a few samples.

Her Nov 25th, 2009 interview with Bo on the Go podshow was one of RavenHarte's favorite interview's listen here:

She is also very proud of the articles she wrote for Arci Edwards e-zine Pangaea Revisited. Please see below links
to those articles as well as to some of the interviews:

(If you like what you see send Arci a comment from the page. This ezine died due to lack of readership.)

"The Welcome" 1st Edition of Pangaea Revisited
The writers answers to the question "What is the predominant spiritual practice you use right now in your life and
how do you see it benefiting yourself and your interactions with"
Getting to Know the Contributors by RavenHarte

"Tenets of the Spiritual Path" 2nd edition of Pangaea Revisited
In this issue you will find the tenets of eight different paths followed by our writers. Tenets are sort of the "rules of
the game" - a basic set of beliefs upon which everyone agrees, even if the tenet is that it is ok to not agree.
Tenets of the Pagan Path by RavenHarte

"Shelter Along The Spiritual Paths“ 3rd Edition of Pangaea Revisited
With this issue of Pangaea Revisited, we will address the concept of shelter - a place of refuge, of safety, of security
- a constant in a sea of change.
Shelter on a Pagan Path by RavenHarte

"Generosity Along Spiritual Paths“ 4th Edition of Pangaea Revisited
In this issue, we will discuss and explore generosity - what it is; what it isn't, how it blossoms and how its many
petals are displayed. In this season of giving, this is an appropriate topic for contemplation and application.
Generosity on a Pagan Path by RavenHarte

"Why Do "Bad" Things Happen To "Good" People?" - 5th Edition of Pangaea Revisited
With this issue of we will explore why "bad" things happen to "good" people.
Why "bad" things happen from the Pagan Path by RavenHarte

"Living In Peace" - 6th Edition of Pangaea Revisited
What change(s) do you see as needing to take place in order to bring about a culture of peace What adjustments in
beliefs, policies and/or behaviors would bring us, individually and collectively, into alignment with the potential of
peace? In this issue, our authors' offer you the view from their unique perspectives
Living In Peace on the Pagan Path by RavenHarte

2007 CNC Pagan Pride Article  Raleigh News & Observer