How do you pronounce your coven's name and what does it mean?
Clann Caladvwlch is a mixture of Irish & Welsh for the "children of", or "family circle of" Excalibur and
it is pronounced
clon kala-doolchk (gutterally), though the Irish would say the last more like
and the AngloSaxon is more like caladvoolsh.

So if its a family circle, does that mean your children participate?
No. Though our priesthood have children, as do several members, all initiates of Clann Caladvwlch are
over 21. We would make an exception for an 18 yr old whose parent was already within our coven, or
one who exhibited an extraordinary maturity level, but have yet to have the opportunity to do so.

The children of Clann C do sometimes participate in open rituals at our covendom, but these rites have
been necessarily altered for their presence. Some of the Clann C's children have had their Saining
and/or Coming of Age ceremonies performed by the coven, and many have participated in charitable
events with us, as well as public Pagan rituals where the sharing of energy with adults is not required.
Other than that, the coven children's spiritual education is left up to each child's parents.

What is the Western Mystery tradition?
The Western Mystery tradition can most easily be explained as a Western style of spirituality in which
the practitioner is expected to strive to better understand themselves in order to find their connection
to the Divine. This journey usually entails a lifelong acquisition & application of wisdoms gleaned from
the arenas of religion, science, metaphysics, philosophy & psychology, as well as ritual practices based
upon a combination of old European folk/earth religions and the more ceremonial aspects of the
Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Kabbalistic & Masonic traditions.

In short, it is a spirituality that expects the practitioners to open his/her mind to ALL arenas of
knowledge & wisdom in order to find God/Divinity for themselves.

What does the Celtic Arthurian have to do with it?
Our coven belongs to a clan of Celtic covens. Each coven uses the mythology & culture of a specific
Celtic country, such as Ireland, as the focus for festivals/ritual, and training regarding the Mysteries.
Our HPS, however, was specifically interested in the Arthurian archetypes for our coven's focus, due to
her Masonic training and dedication to the path of Service; so though she boasts ties to the Scottish
Clan Murray, she has chosen to be more eclectic in our use of Celtic mythology, leaning more heavily
upon the Welsh.

So are you Wiccan, witches, magicians or what?
Each covenor is free to call themselves whatever is comfortable for them, however on the whole, we are
Pagan but are not Wiccan, by the true definition of the word. Most of us identify with the label
ceremonial witch, meaning though we celebrate in our temple in a more formal and structured manner,
with very specific correspondences adhered to, we do still respect and revere the cycles of nature, and
practice green magic and wise craft.

What do the dragon & unicorn on your banner and shirts mean?
The dragon & unicorn are Clann Caladvwlch's totemic beasts and guardians. Each has been manifested
into a created elemental, embodying specific magical and mundane energies for our coven. The
rampant dragon & unicorns on our web banners are the same we use on our ceremonial coven banners.
The tribal totem heads on our shirts is the central portion of our coven's heraldry, drawn by our HPS
and then stylized by her favored tattoo artist, Johnny Thief, of
Seppuku Tattoo, New Jersey.

Do you have knights & priestesses like in Mists of Avalon?
Yes and no. Although Clann Caladvwlch does have a priestesses who work the Mysteries of women and
magic in a variation of the Avalonian style, ALL initiates are trained towards the Priesthood and we do
not segregate the training of males & females, we are a polarity based coven.

Also, our knights/fian are male OR female initiates who have chosen to work a path of Service
alongside their training towards priesthood. These initiates are not necessarily trained in any form of
martial art, though some have been; rather they are specifically trained to protect and defend our coven
members for circumstances unique to our coven, as well as to work in the service of mankind.
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