Clann Caladvwlch Links Page
Pagan Orgs/Groups in the Triad

Knights of Herne – Knights of Herne GBO
A Celtic focused order in Greensboro, NC who embraces the same codes of
chivalry, honor & service to fellow man that Clann Caladvwlch does.

House of Akasha –
House of Akasha
An eclectic Celtic Wicca / Celtic Druid group in Greensboro

Central NC Pagan Pride Day -

Charlotte Pagan Pride Day -


Triad or NC Area Yahoo Groups/Message Boards of Interest

Moondance List -
The MUST SUBSCRIBE news/event list group for Pagans in NC/SC/VA


Triad Area Metaphysical Shops / Craftspeople / Healers / etc

Clann C Hagmother, Cynthia McNulty's astrology practice
Her work with the Western Mysteries, Kabbalah and Jungian psychology
gives her a no nonsense approach to astrology. No generic charts, no rose-colored glasses here!

Spiritual work as well as tarot, reiki & so much more by
Vooduin Priestess Manbo Sky Bradshaw, RavenHarte's spirit sister.

Kindred Spirits
Metaphysical and spiritual shop in Winston-Salem

Ecclectic By Nature
Metaphysical shop in Greensboro

Terra Blue
For coffee, beads and other worldly goods. Eclectic occult shop in Greensboro

Earthbound Arts -
Earthbound Arts
Handmade treasures from pottery to fragrant oils, located in Winston-Salem


Other Triad Area Spirituality Groups and Orgs

Parkway United Church of Christ
A Christian based but open-minded and LGBTQI friendly community
which host monthly Celtic Vespers and is home to
most of Clann C's invite only rituals

UU Fellowship of W/S
Path of the Moon Collective events are held here.
They have always been strong supporters of the Triad Pagan community

UU Church of Greensboro
Triad CUUPS  & Pagan Night Out was held here & The Knights of Herne still do ritual here
They too have always been strong supporters of the Triad Pagan community

Unity Church of W/S
The Unity Church is Christian based, but honors divinity in all things.

Light Coalition
Online multi-spiritual ideaologies as well as the PanGaia Revisited e-newsletter

Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge/
Robin Lynne Rainbow Feather’s Beauty Way website.

Earth Star Spiritual Center
An interfaith spiritual growth & healing center in Greensboro
RavenHarte’s Tai Chi master, Mike De Puew, was once a teacher here.


Other Celtic / Arthurian Links of Interest

The Camelot Project –

Sisterhood of Avalon –

King Arthur & The Holy Grail -

Celtic Twilight -

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF)

ADF Grove Muin Mound -
I list because they have a great Pagan Chants page


Other Pagan / Spirituality based Links of Interest

The Witches Voice -
The largest internet listing of Pagan individuals groups and orgs worldwide,
as well as news & articles regarding the Pagan global community.

Maxine Sanders -
THE High Priestess of the Alexandrian tradition

Coven Na Callaighe -
Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone’s newest coven.

Circle Sanctuary -

Covenant of the Goddess -

Temple of Ara -
Phyllis Currott’s spiritual order

Mike Nichols Sabbats–
The Sabbats
The internet’s first comprehensive explanation of the Wiccan Sabbats,
Now offered in book form by Acorn Press.  


Link page to various sites on the Traditions of Ifa

Toltec teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz -
Author of “The Four Agreements” Toltec wisdom series

The Chopra Center -
Author Deepak Chopra’s website

Eckhart Teachings -
“A New Earth” author Eckhart Tolle’s website

Hermetic Kabbalah -
Colin Low’s Hermetic Kaballah Resource page -
A website for the transformation of man


Myths, Legends & Sacred Texts

Mary Jones’ Celtic Literature Collection -

Internet Sacred Text Archive -

Academy of Ancient Texts -

Scrolls from the Dead Sea -

Timeless Myths -

Wolf’s Den -

Gnostic Society Library -


Esoteric Schools & Traditions

Servants of the Light -
Our clan’s “mother” Western Mystery school founded in 1965 by W.E.Butler
RavenHarte is a student of this esoteric school.

Builders of the Adytum -
Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case, BOTA is a mystery school based upon
the teachings of Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot

Society of Inner Light -
A Western Esoteric mystery school founded by Dion Fortune

Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids –
OBOD was founded by Ross Nichols in 1964 as an adaptation
of The Ancient Druid Order

Ordo Templi Orientis -
A Thelemic order based on the Masonic tradition and Gnostic ideas.

Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis -
AMORC is an international Rosicrucian Order

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn -
Chic and S. Tabitha Cicero’s Golden Dawn temple

Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn -
Descendants of S.L. MacGregor Mathers


Nightside Community Links

Voices of the Vampire Community -
An international network of members of the vampiric community.
RavenHarte is a member of this network.

Atlanta Vampire Alliance -
Clann C has friendship ties to this vampiric house in Atlanta, Ga

House Kheperu -
The vampiric house of author Michelle Belanger.
RavenHarte has friendship ties to this vampiric house.

Black Swan Haven
A networking message board for vampiric swans.
RavenHarte is a member of this network.

Sanguinarius Real Vampire Resource Site -
A resource pages for the vampiric community

Darkness Embraced Vampire & Occult Society -
A networking and social message board for vampires and swans


Spirituality, Magic & The Occult Blogs & Podcasts

Chasing Hermes – Chasing Hermes Podcast
One of RavenHarte’s favorites dealing with the Hermetic spirituality

Shadowdance -
Michelle Belanger’s vampire & occult podcast. Excellent material covered

Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise -
Podcasts are centered around the spirituality of the Celtic magical group
The Druidic Craft of the Wise, but RavenHarte loves Ariel’s Hermetic lectures best.

The Wild Hunt Blog -
All Pagans should be subscribed to this blog!!
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