Thank you for your interest in

We are currently OPEN
to seekers wishing to become
Aspirants to our group.

See below for details
The Path of the Seeker

Greetings seekers.
We are very pleased that you are interested in our coven.
I will say on the outset that the process to initiation is a rather long one,
but we do try to make it as painless as possible. ;)
Copyright RavenHarte
Step 1. of this process is to join our Runboard message board "The Court of  Clann Caladvwlch." If you do not already
have a Runboard acct, Runboard will flag you and ask you to create one. Then simply return to our board and request
to be added.

Step 2. is to join in the conversations already taking place in "Main Chat" forum for awhile. Get to know who is there,
see who we are as people, what are ideas are etc, and let us get to know you through your posts.

Step 3. If you still find that Clann C is the group for you, send me a request to join "The Court" forum. Here you will be
given more indepth tasks to do, can ask questions about Clann C etc. "The Court" is our Outer Court system and thus
your "proving ground". It is where we will be able to discern if you are going to be willing to do the types of work our
initiates must to, are able to work on Self, have the true desire to be one of us, etc. It is also a better chance for you to
see a bit more about us.

From "The Court", those seekers who are really showing us they are serious are approached to become Aspirants.
These people begin one on one conversations with us, learning more as they move closer to possible initiation.

In general we only initiate 1-2 people per year, and our normal initiation time is in late Fall.. so new initiates start the
Sabbat wheel with us at Yule - when the Sun is reborn.

Many blessings and hope to see you chatting soon.... RavenHarte