Climbing The Tree Workshop Series
Greetings and welcome!!!

This workshop series is geared towards allowing the participants to learn the basic attributes and connections of and
between the sephiroth (spheres) of the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life; while excavating Self, finding an individual connection to the
Divine, and learning to live our lives in manner which helps us consciously evolve our own souls.

This workshop series is only held LIVE in the Winston-Salem area from May - March.

The group will meet for about 5-6 hrs once per month, on a Sunday between 1pm - 7pm
ish. The fee is on a sliding scale
between $200.00 and $350.00 for the entire series.  Each participant is asked to pay what they can afford on that scale in full
by the second class night.  All materials are provided except basics such as binders, pens etc. A list of needs will be sent to
each individual before classes begin.

All classes consist of a discussion on the sephira (singular of sephiroth) we are currently working on, exercises on that
sephira to make the attributes a little more clear, then the introduction and explanation of the next sephira, closing with a
guided meditation to open the subconscious to the next month's work.

Homework is given, which include real world exercises, practical applications, journaling, dream work and other works on
Self. All is given to help the individual LIVE the sephiroth and open the subconscious to the influences of it.

If you are interested, please click my Email button and let me know :) Those on my email groups will get all the detailed
information. The rest of the info on the classes will not be made "public".

THAT SAID we do have a public Facebook page where we post Kabbalah specific information, as well as general work on Self
and annually Count the Omer. Please follow this link to view
Comments from former participants
"Wow - what a great job.  Great info, follow
through, and consistency.  You Rock..."
(cyber class participant)
"I enjoyed the conversations and the
different ideas and insights everyone had."
"Being able to physically bring the teachings into the
mundane - my everyday life - really drove it home."
"I was comfortable sharing, and enjoyed
hearing what other's experienced as well."
"The class fulfilled my expectations, I
even discovered some inner self truths."
"You know I'm giving you all "A's" on any evaluation"
(cyber class participant)