Clann Caladvwlch's
Female* Reconsecration Ritual
This ceremony was originally written by a close friend to our Clan, and the Director of the Servants of the Light esoteric school,
Dolores Ashcroft-Novicki, and was modified for our Coven's use with her blessing.
Dolores originally wrote this ritual to help heal the spiritual wounds and auric trauma suffered by female survivors of sexual abuse and
sexual assault, and to assist the wounded woman in regaining her personal empowerment by returning her to her Maiden self.
Since the revision was made for our Coven's working, the areas of trauma for healing have been expanded to include
many different types of mental, verbal, emotional injury and physical trauma/illness a woman may have suffered
which affect her sense of Self and empowerment as a female.

As such Clann C's Female Reconsecration i
s usually performed sometime between Imbolg (when the Lady returns to maiden form)
known also as Candlemas (the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary)
and the weekend closest to International Women's Day, March 8th.

This ritual is NOT meant to be a substitute for medical treatment, and/or psychological counseling/therapies.
Our purpose is to provide a spiritual/energy body compliment to the modalities of healing
we will assume have already been, or are being, employed to heal the physical and mental/emotional bodies.
Though this particular offering is to cis-females, Clann C does recognize the need of this ritual for all genders.
As such, we currently can offer a ritual specifically for cis-males and are developing a ritual for our trans brethren as well.
The Ritual itself is inspired by the Greek rites of healing, and will be started at 6pm in the evening. More details regarding the rite will
provided to the participants directly during correspondence with RavenHarte.

All participants are asked to arrive at 3pm however for an introductory tea. This time will be dedicated to allowing everyone to meet
and discuss their reasons for attending, since the members of Clann C who have served as Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
advocates or counselors have learned that the FIRST step towards personal and societal healing MUST always be to break the "Code
of Silence" we have been taught to create around trauma. The tea is also an essential element in the creation of the trust, and loving
and nurturing atmosphere, that is needed to connect all attending towards the purpose of healing and restoration.

Due to the delicate nature of this process, and the complete spiritual and emotional investment required for this healing, the only
participants we allow to attend are:
  •  Clann C's female members (who will serve and sponsor each woman)
  •  women who have previously been reconsecrated who are serving and assisting
  •  the women wishing reconsecration
  •  the one designated "support sister" each woman brings with her
If you are seeking this type of healing for yourself, please email RavenHarte using the
clickable below explaining your wish to participate and reason why.

If you have any questions about this Rite,
please also contact RavenHarte via the clickable below
For the wellbeing of all attending, RavenHarte reserves the right
to accept or reject any person for this Ritual at her discretion alone.
Copyright RavenHarte