We so often get emails from people just wondering
who we are and what we're about, that we created
this page as a simple explanation, though it by no
means covers all we are or do.
Clann Caladvwlch is the 6th hived coven of a Celtic clan of covens originating in upstate NY over 40 years ago. We began on Samhain
1996 as the Circle Caladvwlch, and then hived from our mother coven as a clan coven, upholding their laws and structure, on Litha 1998.
We have been consistently practicing ever since.

We are a polarity based coven in the Triad of NC, led by our HPS RavenHarte and her husband, our Priest, Dominus. We revere and
celebrate the cycles of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as equally as we can, giving no preference or deference to one
over the other, and likewise expect our initiates to do the same. We do follow the Celtic Pagan year wheel for celebration, and the Celtic
pantheons and mythologies for some of our understanding of the Divine Mysteries. We also look to the Arthurian archetypes for greater
understanding of not only the Divine Mysteries, but of human behavior, using the Arthurian ideal as a model to understand and employ
the codes of honor, loyalty and chivalry. That said, Clann Caladvwlch is Western Mystery tradition NOT Wiccan. As such, we are much
more ceremonial in our practice of spirituality, are more structured in our training, and have greater expectations of time dedicated to
not only coven work, but our service work as well.

Our coven is a hierarchal Degreed system, which means that as one learns more, understands more, participates more, and passes their
required reading, work and tests, they will progress, or ascend, through the system, gaining more responsibility and thereby  "status"
within the system. We are initiatory at the onset, believing Initiation to be a means to open ourselves to the NEXT level of work, rather
than as a celebration of work already achieved. Our degreed system begins with the
Climbing the Tree workshop series for spiritual
self-awareness. Any seeker wishing to become Aspirant to our coven must first complete that workshop series, which is a good precursor
to the type of spiritual, mental, and emotional work our initiates are expected to do.

Initiation to our Coven/Clan should be considered a dedication of service, and bond of loyalty, made for LIFE.

Though there is a fee for the Climbing The Tree workshop series, we do not charge our initiates for any teachings or services in any
way, not even for classes, or workshops, goods or services normally charged to the public. However there is a basic "chop wood carry
water" mentality in our coven, because we believe something gotten for nothing is rarely valued. Thus our initiates do tend to balance
what they feel they are receiving in their own ways.

We do not profess our way to be "the only way" and in fact teach many different forms of spiritual connection in addition to our own (IE:
Kabbalah, Spiritual Humanism, Buddhism), as well as encourage our higher degrees to seek further. We are not afraid of someone
findingtheir spirituality is centered elsewhere, and encourage every one to find where the Divine lives and grows for them. However as a
group whose primary goal is to evolve Self in order to Serve Light, to we DO expect all initiates to "own their own sh*t" by being
responsible for their own actions and choices. We will not coddle or kid-glove those who have willingly set their feet upon our path, and
have no need of sycophants. In fact, all of our priesthood are also thoroughly trained on the perils of transference... "hero worship" is not
permitted or tolerated.

Clann Caladvwlch does not fear the darker side of life either. We embrace & revere the cycles of nature and the ENTIRE year wheel,
knowing that there is as much need for destruction and fallowtide as there is for planning, planting and reaping. We do not fear the
Shadow side of human psychology; we use it as a tool to understand our Selves better. We do not shy away from the realm of sensuality,
or sexuality; we respect and celebrate the human need for connectedness in all of its forms. That said we DO NOT engage in these
practices with our members, and romantic relationships between members is discouraged.

We do not tolerate discrimination based upon gender identification, sexual orientation, age, class, disability,
religion, region or nationality;  and are very specifically, and vocally, supportive of the LGBTQIA community, and
those grps/orgs promoting female empowerment/women's rights

We are brothers and sisters who have come together again in this lifetime to live in brilliant Awareness, ever learning, ever changing,
ever growing. Like the moon, sometimes our time together is bright and full, and sometimes it is dark and quiet, as our relationships wax
and wane, but always we are steadfastly committed to each other, and our Path. We expect those who join us to commit as deeply as we
have to looking within themselves, to dig themselves out, and
consciously evolve their own souls.

Above all we are a spiritual family, and look forward to finding more of you out there who wish to come home.
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Loyalty ~Honor~Truth~Love